At 6 mos. Lola's eyes are  completely amber.

Lola on her way to Texas from Georgia.


Lola with that beautiful smoochieface.

This is Annie, she is very sweet but hides whenever I get out the camera. She is a beautiful calico.

Tex has a screened in porch that wraps around this big 100 yr. old pecan tree. He has shelves at different heights around his tree to hang out. It is his favorite place to be. If he looks grumpy, well that's my fault. I woke him from a nap to take this picture.

 These little boys are from Lady's first litter. Such sweet adorable faces.

Home of exotic short hair kittens


The above three pictures are of Lady Luck taken just today Oct.9. One week before her due date. Check back next week to see the kittens.