Our mission is to provide healthy, well socialized, sweet, lovable and beautiful kittens. We intend to find loving forever homes for our kittens.

Our deepest gratitude to the people that helped find, sell and locate our starter breeders. Much gratitude to Joanie @ Ziakatz for our sweet Lola and many hours of education.Special thanks to Bobbie @ Exotic Dit Dots for our beautiful Sophie Blue Sky and much information and education. Big Thanks to Cathy at Bravlion for our beautiful male, Texas Tyke.

Don't miss out on your next bountiful breeder, beautiful show or pampered pet .

Healthy Cattery

Our mission

our gratitude

We are FIV, PKD DNA negative king and queens. We are also flea, mite and fungus free.

Sugarkatz is a small CFA registered cattery #257692 located in San Antonio, Texas. We are strictly hobby breeders and our cats are also our pampered pets. We have 4 females of breeding age and 1 male. Webreed strictly exotic short hair becausewe love their sweet expressions and their friendly lovable temperaments.

Meet Itchey, he is the manager of Sugarkatz. He got his job by being rescued and being willing to learn to love kittens and cats. Now he keeps an eye on the girls and lets us know if they are into something. In other words, he's a tattle tale. He loves Lola, crazy about Matilda and seeks Sophie's attention. He and Tex are buddies. We are thrilled to have Itchey's help. This is his forever home and job.

Due to my current health issues, I have temporarily closed my cattery. My plan is to reopen by the end of 2019. I am currently helping other catteries with the placement of their kittens. I know who has kittens and I help match up perspective families with the right kitten for them. Please text or call for the latest info on available kittens.            210-710-5282      Updated 04-04-19.

Dear Potential Forever Parents,

This website is still under construction. Please check back with us again soon as I will be updating and posting new pictures and info frequently. If you have questions that have not been addressed on this site, please call or email and I will be happy to answer your questions. Website was updated Sept. 08, 2017.

Kind Regards,

Gerrie Jakata Lewis

This slideshow is "Lola B Smoochieface". Lola is our first queen and she gave us many beautiful babies. Lola is now retired and is happy living in Austin. This slideshow has pics of Lola and some of the first kittens born here at Sugarkatz.



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